All About Belouis Some

  • Artist: Belouis Some
  • Genre: Pop
  • Total Album: 2
  • Total Songs: 49+

Short Biography:

Belouis Some born Neville Keighley 12 December 1959 is a British new wave musician He had a few minor hits in the 1980s with quot Some People quot quot Round and Round quot which appeared on the soundtrack album to the film Pretty in Pink plus quot Imagination quot which reached 17 on the UK Singles Chart Albums Some People 1985 Belouis Some 1987 Living Your Life 1993 Singles quot Target Practice quot initial version 1984 quot Imagination quot 1985 UK 17 1986 US 88 quot Some People quot 1985 UK 33 ...

Music Album of Belouis Some

Some People
Belouis Some